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Hello, my name is Kevin Hanna and I want to welcome you to our Lake Oswego, Oregon website.

Our goal is to deliver great service to each and every person that contacts us, whether you are needing information and education about your loan options, or need immediate assistance to purchase the home of your dreams. Please take your time to utilize all the available resources on our site so you can make the most informed decision for your home loan needs. Our staff of very experienced Home Loan Specialists is ready to help you, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kevin Hanna
Kevin Hanna Branch Manager

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Email Address kevin.hanna@churchillmortgage.com

States Served: OR, WA, CA

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Travis Olson Sr. VP, Northwest Regional Production NMLS ID: 111072

Office Phone 503-210-5798

Cell Phone 503-449-3807

Email Address travis.olson@churchillmortgage.com

Chris Knouf Sr. Home Loan Specialist NMLS ID: 1665305

Office Phone 503-741-2212

Cell Phone 503-523-7417

Email Address chris.knouf@churchillmortgage.com

Kevin Hanna Executive VP, Northwest Region NMLS ID: 1044502

Office Phone 503-210-5798

Cell Phone 503-307-4453

Email Address kevin.hanna@churchillmortgage.com

Ken Perigo Home Loan Specialist NMLS ID: 17717

Office Phone 503-963-6363

Cell Phone 503-819-6313

Email Address ken.perigo@churchillmortgage.com

Marty Hawkins Home Loan Specialist NMLS ID: 239802

Office Phone 503-717-6874

Cell Phone 503-807-7552

Email Address marty.hawkins@churchillmortgage.com