Working with Real Estate Agents

Buying a home requires teamwork -- and an A-List Real Estate Agent is a key player.

An experienced, well-qualified Real Estate Agent plays a crucial role in getting your ideal home. Showing homes is just a small fraction of what a good Real Estate Agent does for you.

Your Churchill Home Loan Specialist continues to guide you by offering you access to these tools and more:

  1. Make an Offer Before It’s Available
    Yes, real estate agents work to find you candidates for your perfect home. But it’s also their job to be well connected. A good Real Estate Agent uses their network to find exactly what you’re looking for… sometimes before it’s on the market.
  2. Deep Knowledge About Neighborhoods That Isn’t Available Online
    Average Real Estate Agents show homes. Great Real Estate Agents can steer you to the neighborhoods that match your goals, price point, and personal preferences.
  3. Works Well with Your Home Loan Team
    Finding and putting an offer on a home is one thing, but using a Real Estate Agent who understands the complexities and timing of getting a home loan is critical to structure an offer that won’t fall apart.
  4. Outmaneuver Other House Hunters
    More than showing homes, your Real Estate Agent is your representative and negotiator when you find that perfect home. When all-cash offers, bidding wars, and other competitive tactics, you want a strong

If you’re looking for an A-list Real Estate Agent who compliments your perfect home dream team, let us know. We have access to some amazing Real Estate Agents, many of whom are recommended by Dave Ramsey. We’d love to introduce you!

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