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The biggest mistake most homebuyers make is treating their search for a home loan specialist as an afterthought.

Working with a home loan specialist who sees herself as your advocate and guide can be a crucial step to moving forward with complete confidence and achieving financial peace.

Why Home Loans Shouldn’t Have An Easy Button

Getting a home loan doesn’t have to be hard, but it shouldn’t be a machine-driven process either. You’re not a file. You’re not an equation.

If your home loan specialist doesn’t take the time to understand you and your situation, she can’t know which loan products are best for you and your aspirations. In the end, you have to live with the loan payments.


Spending time to get to know you lays the foundation for everything that comes next:

  1. Live Life On Your Terms
    Because your Churchill home loan specialist takes the time to get you know you, she’ll find the best loans for your situation so you can rest easy, and get back to enjoying life.
  2. Erase Confusion So You Always Know Where You Stand Your home loan specialist will educate you about the process, and make sure you know where the loan is at on the roadmap so you aren’t blindsided by unexpected events.
  3. No Surprises When the Mortgage Comes Due.
    You’ll see the real-world cost of your loan, and what it means for your budget. You won’t ever be surprised when your first payment comes due.
  4. Set It and Forget It Until Your Loan Closes
    Churchill does the heavy-lifting, and tracks your loan’s progress like a hawk to make sure you hit all the key milestones for an on-time loan closing. If something needs to happen, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, just relax.
  5. Spend Your Hard-Earned Money On You… Not On Interest.
    You’ll get the best rate available at the time of your loan. Period.


If You’re Ready to Find Your Guide, the Choice Is Yours...

You can choose the path on the left where you’re treated like a number and your loan is merely a math equation. Or you can choose the path on the right, where your home loan specialist understands your goals, dreams, and crafts a home loan that gives you a running start at achieving them.

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