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As Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Jesse Vazquez focused on establishing a sustainable model to grow the team with talented loan officers across the country. He has a 27-year track record of success in talent acquisition, with a history of building robust, internal recruiting operations at multiple stops on his journey, including Fidelity Investments, Stearns Lending, and First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation. At First Guaranty, he built a talent acquisition model that drastically reduced the need to engage external recruiters, saving the company over $2 million in the process. Over the course of three years, Vazquez grew the number of loan officers from 23 to 188.

Born in Louisiana, Vazquez grew up in Kansas. He lived in Kansas for three decades before moving to Texas in 2003, where he and his wife still reside, as well as their three adult children. Family is a top priority for him. Vazquez also enjoys music and escaping to the beach to relax.

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