I believe no other lender is more dedicated to your needs with a home loan. Our team believes that your home mortgage is part of your overall financial plan. We will help you look at your whole financial future and give you mortgage options best suited for your situation. We thoroughly love our job and feel very blessed to work for such a great company like Churchill Mortgage. As Home Loan Specialists, we believe that our job is to have the "Heart of a Teacher", to empower our clients with information that helps them to make sound financial decisions based on their own personal goals! We appreciate their high business standards, which has given Dave Ramsey the confidence to send his listeners to us since he started his radio show in 1992. We provide great communication throughout and after the transaction because we are concerned with your current and upcoming financial peace. We are wanting to create relationships that grow with your mortgage over time, looking at what is best for your financial well-being.

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About Me

Janell Willis is a Home Loan Specialist with over 7 years’ experience in the Real Estate world. From initial home purchases to refinances, it is my goal to help you by showing you the best options available for your financial future.

Janell’s team includes her husband Willie who has 9 years in the lending world. The two of them will work to create a seamless 5 Star transaction. We approach this business like Dave Ramsey, author of The Total Money Maker Over, “with the heart of a teacher.” It is important to us that you understand all aspects of not only the mortgage you are working on but how we can help you in the future managing that mortgage.

The Mortgage Process

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