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Buying a home can be downright daunting but how about buying from out-of-state or long distance? Ongoing travel and spending hours at open houses are not realistic options so let's look at how to relocate!

A Smarter Approach to Homeownership  

Relocating can be exciting without being exhausting. It all depends on who is on your team throughout the home buying process. So, whether you're transferring for a new job or just exploring a new part of the country, we want to be on your side!

5 Steps to Relocating

Follow these five steps to help make your relocation process as easy as possible.

Step 1: Figure Out When You Need to Move. Once you know your relocation date, it’ll be time to get organized and make plans.

Step 2: Set Your Budget. No matter your reason for moving, your finances will have to correlate with your new cost of living and help determine how much house you can afford!

Step 3: Choose a Realtor. Connect with an agent in your new city who has helped people relocate before. Working with someone who has experience in this will keep stress at a minimum.

Step 4: Become a Churchill Certified Home Buyer. Homes are selling quickly, so financing is more important than ever. Make your offer stand out by becoming a Certified Home Buyer—it’s better than a pre-approval and sets you up like a cash buyer.

Step 5: Get Rate Secured. Don’t try and predict what the market will do. You can protect yourself from fluctuating interest rates with our Rate Secured program. Your rate will be capped for 90 days while you shop, and if rates go down you get the lower rate.

How Much House Can You Afford
How Much House Can You Afford?

The first thing you should do is find out how much house you can afford. Once you know your estimated home affordability, you can start building your personalized home buying team.

Click here to use the Monthly Payment Calculator

Click here to use the Affordability Calculator


Personalized Service (Near or Far)

While you may appreciate the convenience of digital tools and resources, the guidance you get from an expert is what is truly valued when making a big purchase.

We work with you to build your customized home buying team and get you on the right track to relocare stress free.


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