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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

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Buying a new home is exciting but moving can also be tiresome. To avoid stress during the moving process, it’s important to be prepared. But how do you mark off all your “to dos” when your list keeps growing? We’ve prioritized what you should do before, during, and after your move to help make your move a little easier!

Don’t wait until the last minute. Get organized before you move:

Sell or donate any unwanted items
⬜ Set a realistic moving budget or secure friends/family to help
⬜ Find moving boxes and packing materials such as bubble wrap, tape, and sharpies
⬜ Request time off from work for moving day (if needed)

The next steps are narrowing down who you should notify you are moving:

⬜ Friends and family members
⬜ Utility companies (gas, electric, water/sewer) – you will need to notify to cancel or transfer services, and set up any new services
⬜ Phone company if you have a landline (and/or cell carrier)
⬜ Internet (and any streaming companies)
⬜ Trash services
⬜ Health insurance company
⬜ Your employer
⬜ Voter registration
⬜ Physicians and dentists
⬜ Delivery services
⬜ Home and car insurance
⬜ Banks, lenders, PayPal, etc.
⬜ Cleaning services
⬜ Subscription services (like Amazon, grocery delivery, etc.)
⬜ Financial advisors/accountants
⬜ Daycare centers/schools
⬜ Veterinarian

When prepping for a move, it’s helpful to be strategic when you’re packing:

⬜ Give each room a different color packing label (or label the box clearly on the outside where it goes in the new house)
⬜ Label the outside of the box with a description of what is packed inside the box
⬜ Use the right-sized boxes. Heavier items should go in smaller boxes and lighter items in bigger boxes
⬜ Repurpose household items for packing to take up less space (use hampers, suitcases, and laundry baskets to store items)
⬜ Take pictures of the back configuration of electronics so you remember which cord goes where
⬜ Tape boxes well
⬜ Bundle your breakables (use your kitchen or bathroom towels for extra padding)

Close to your moving date, it’s important to pack a 48-hour moving kit. It can be a life saver and reduce stress during the first few nights at your new home.

Your 48-hour essential moving kit:

⬜ Medication
⬜ Important documents
⬜ Phone and charger
⬜ Laptop and charger
⬜ Toilet paper (we all found out how valuable toilet paper is during the pandemic!)
⬜ A change of clothes (for each family member)
⬜ Toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.
⬜ Towels
⬜ Pet food, bowls, medicine, leash, and toys (if needed)
⬜ Trash bags
⬜ Small toolkit with scissors or something to open boxes
⬜ Snacks, especially if you have kids

There’s a lot to do on moving day so you want everything to run as smooth as possible. If you’ve hired movers, they will pack and unpack the trucks for you. You’ll want to take a few minutes to show them around and discuss any concerns before they get started.

If you have loyal friends and family helping you move, make sure you show your appreciation to them, take water and food breaks, and know it could take a little longer than expected. You may also want to consider assigning tasks to individuals so everyone knows how they can help.

Moving day tips:

⬜ Get a good night’s sleep
⬜ Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (not sandals!)
⬜ Don’t forget your 47-hour essential moving kit
⬜ Pack a cooler
⬜ Keep cleaning supplies on hand
⬜ Have a plan for pets and children to relieve stress and keep everyone safe
⬜ Be packed up before moving day, don’t wait until the last minute
⬜ Pace yourself and don’t overdo it
⬜ Make sure you have cash on hand for tips, takeout food, etc.
⬜ If using movers, confirm they have your cell phone number handy

Once you have your belongings in your new home, it doesn’t mean you’re ready to kick up your feet just yet. But you’re getting close so hang in there! Set daily goals for the first few days after you’ve moved to keep the moving momentum going.

Post-move essentials:

⬜ Make sure your utilities up and running
⬜ Change your door locks
⬜ Locate your circuit breaker
⬜ Test your smoke detectors (if they weren’t tested during your home inspection)
⬜ Set up or install your home security system (if needed)
⬜ Locate your shut-off valves in case of an emergency (water, gas, etc.)
⬜ Unpack

No matter how much your prep and plan, you’ll likely hit a few bumps along the way. And that’s ok! The goal here is to be as prepared as possible so moving day is efficient and less stressful.

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